Monday, March 29, 2010

A Song And The View Of Forever

Posted By: Jeffery W. Turner

Does a song or a soundtrack ever make you think of something? Or make you feel a certain way? Sometimes that happens to me and it did the other day.
 I was driving up 287 to go down Bonds Ranch Road to take some pictures. Bonds Ranch Road is the inspiration for the notes “The View Of Forever” and “Another View Of Forever” which will be in my second book “Notes to Stephanie: Days Remembered”. These two notes describe the wide and seemingly endless view seen from there. On top of a hill on the road what you see really does seem to extend to the infinite. Thus the titles using the words “view of forever”.

While buzzing down the road to Bonds Ranch Road I was playing a song I  heard  one night on the local college radio station. The song really got my attention. It was an instrumental with synthesizers and such. The score was ethereal, started slow, flowed back and forth to a climax, and then faded away once more (the on-line sample on Amazon does not capture the best parts ).  It certainly made me feel something inside. It made me feel the same way when I was gazing at “The View Of Forever” on Bonds Ranch Road.  And thus that song became a soundtrack to that hill I write about and take pictures of.

When you look up at the high clouds overhead, as I do at the View Of Forever, they behave like that song. At one moment they can be shapeless and nondescript and the next second they look like something down here on earth. The forms these wispy strands take always mutate into something new. Each new shape is a fleeting moment of unique form miles above. And then they are gone over the horizon, blown away by the winds and the jet stream to be a sight for people we don’t know but maybe look up at the sky just the same.

So if you read the two notes I mention, or look at some of the pictures I have taken, there is a song you can play that tells part of this story too. Maybe you will feel the same thing I do, maybe you won’t. But I know the feeling I get when I hear those musical notes or look at forever with my own eyes. That feeling is a picture of something larger than what I see, or that any of us can view, on this little orb we call home.

The song: Tycho – Coastal Brake (Manual Remix):

The View Of Forever:

Another View Of Forever:

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Anonymous said...

Excellent post.I can imagine a bright spring day with just the type of clouds you speak of.
Sometimes we all need to slow down and think about what God has given us.

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