Friday, March 5, 2010

A Review of Chrysalis: Tribulations by Ruby Johnson

Review of Chrysalis: Tribulations ( Book 2: Chrysalis series)

The fae opponents are once again menacing half mortal, half magical Bree in M.L. Lacy’s latest mesmerizing adventure into an alternate world. This is the second book in the series and is certainly as impressive as the first. By adding layers of complexity to her characters and their world, Lacy has taken her gutzy heroine, Bree, through enormous challenges that show her evolution into a very different magical world .

As the newly declared “Chosen One” of a magical realm, Bree continues to build her magical powers and is tested with some of the expectations of her vampire protectors. At every turn, she is forced to protect herself and those close to her from Esmeralda, her opponent who wants control of the clan. In addition, many of her own clan are filled with animosity towards her. She can trust no one, so must rely on her developing magical powers of mind reading, visions and support of her soul mate Stephen. Will this be enough to save Bree and her clan, or will stakes this high force Bree to make choices that will change everything for her magical realm?

In Chrysalis: Tribulations, M.L. Lacy has created a rich complex fantasy world and a satisfying and enjoyable read. Bree’s voice is painfully honest and one finds they are emotionally invested in her growth and evolution as “The Chosen One” and her success with her clan. As she grows into the role, the tension in the story heightens. Plot twists, and action move the story along at a fast pace. This is highly recommended to those who enjoy fantasy novels.

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