Thursday, February 4, 2010

Zero Tolerance Policy

Short Story written by: Tony DeVito

      Olivia Paige quietly closed the door of Ted’s apartment behind her as she exited. “Oh well, one more notch on my lipstick case.” She removed her gloves, started her car and drove home quietly reflecting on her life.

     “One good man. Is that too much to ask?” For thirty-five years she’s dreamed of one thing - love. True love, not one night stands. But finding a good man was like unraveling Gordian’s knot.

     All too often she poured her heart into a relationship only to find her new lover was unworthy. It’s not that she wanted things to end this way, she just had to set it right. After all, how much can a woman be expected to take?

     She had given Ted every opportunity to prove himself. Olivia was so disappointed when she watched Ted return home late tonight with some obvious floozy. No, Ted was not going to be the man of her dreams, or anybody else’s. It was really bad luck for Miss Floozy that she happened to come home with Ted tonight. A few short hours ago Ted had told Olivia he wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t join her for dinner.

     Olivia paused at a traffic light while a police cruiser passed in front of her. She thought it odd that his presence didn’t bother her in the least. She should feel some remorse, but they deserved it. Shortly that police officer would have his hands full in investigation. She would be sleeping well at home by then.

     As her light turned green and she rolled forward, her mind wandered to other men she had known. Robert seemed like a prince, until he tried to dump her. And Steven had said all the right things. What a player he turned out to be. After their first love-making session he avoided her. But she found him. He won’t play anybody again.

     Upon arriving home Olivia washed her hands and face and prepared for bed. She locked her revolver back into it’s red velvet lined box, wondering if and when she might need it again. Handling a weapon turned out to be one of the best skills her father ever taught her.

     The light went out and Olivia’s head hit the pillow, alone again. She fought back the urge to cry. No, she was a tough lady. Like Scarlet O’Hara, tomorrow would be another day. Olivia would not give up trying. “There must be someone out there. But who?”

     Olivia was drifting off to sleep when the thought occurred to her. “Andy, in accounting. The new guy.” She was certain he had smiled at her last week. Maybe she needed to make a trip to accounting tomorrow and check things out. She knew just what she’d wear. Her black skirt with the high sling back pumps. The same outfit that got Ted’s interest. Oh yeah, this would work out fine. She smiled and closed her eyes, dropping peacefully off to sleep.

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