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About Sara Flower...
Sara Flower is back to share an excerpt of her debut novel BY THE SWORD. Don't forget to answer her questions after the excerpt and leave your email address to be entered in her e-book giveaway.
Sara  started writing stories when she was five and always wanted to publish books, but as a teen she says she thought it would be more of a part time hobby.She believed adults who sometimes made anything to do with the arts sound like it couldn't be a feasible career. It was not until she graduated with a college diploma in Hotel Management that she finally decided to take the steps to write full time.

Back Cover Blurb
Seventeen year old Talya`s main goal is to bring down the Malinorian Empire. And Jalarn, the empire`s prodigy general, is at the top of her list of enemies to kill. Not only has Jalarn murdered Talya`s king, he`s almost killed her. Twice. 
But things don't go as Talya planned when a visiting prophet sends her on a mission to the highly feared Hunter Forest. It is there that she must gain the allegiance of the forest's inhabitants before Jalarn and his men do.

Then, memories of a haunting vision resurface when Talya comes face to face with Jalarn. She makes a rash decision that sends her down a path she never thought nor imagined she would follow.


By The Sword

Still dazed from being tossed around by that lion, Jalarn got up and ran after his men at a slower pace than he wanted to. He gritted his teeth and pushed himself to run faster, angry that a stupid beast had nearly finished him.

His men were standing over the girl. She was on the ground.

“Is she dead?” Jalarn asked.

“No, I didn’t club her good enough,” said one of his men.

He patted his weapon, and the others joined him in a loud chorus of laughter.

Jalarn removed the man’s mask and punched him in the face. That wiped off his incompetent grin pretty quick.

Everyone froze and stared at their general.

“There was no order to kill her. I want her alive. Have I made myself clear?”

The knights looked among themselves in confusion.


“Yes, Sir,” they said at last.


A piercing whinny broke the quiet.

Jalarn spun around. It was a horse. Two of his men were attempting to subdue her.

It must be the girl’s.

The animal reared up on her hind legs and knocked them both over.

“Incompetence will be rewarded with death next time,” Jalarn muttered.

One of them lassoed her with a vine.

Jalarn approached the beast and noticed her wings. She was a Malinorian-bred mare. A Pegasus. How in the world did a knight from Sanctus obtain such an animal?

That’s not the only question I would like an answer to.

He looked at the unconscious sword maiden. They would never catch up with the giants now, and it was all because of her. But she had spared his life. He needed to know why. Then he would kill her.

A scroll peeked out of her left-side pocket. Jalarn took the rolled paper, curious as to why she would have carried it with her.

“Carry the girl back to camp. The giants are long gone. We will return to Malinor tonight.”
Sara's question for readers...
What about you? Are Fantasy and Paranormals your first reading love, or is it a newly acquired taste? And do you have a favorite sub-genre?


Ruby Johnson said...

I have to say fantasy and paranormals are not my first love. I don't gravitate to them in a book store like I do romantic suspense or thrillers. That being said, you've created an interesting story. Thanks for being on our blog.

Caroline Clemmons said...

Sara, this sounds like the perfect YA book to hook teens and preteens. Best wishes for success!

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