Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Writers Believe In Heroes

Alpha heroes are popular in romance novels today with a multitude of stories about soldiers or ex-soldiers.
Alpha heroes have certain characteristics..
Physically they are strong and in peak physical condition. They are capable, controlled, protective, responsible and honorable.The most common trait among alpha heroes is confidence. A true alpha is a man who is confident in his ability to overcome challenges and face down the odds.  He is a natural leader, one who doesn’t necessarily know all of the answers, but is wickedly smart and confident in his abilities as a problem solver to figure his way out of a tough spot. .

Almost all soldiers possess a take charge attitude and this is what makes novels with them as the main character popular.
Most woman, even feminists, sometimes would like to turn over a problem to a strong man and just say," Why don't you handle it?" and know with  absolute certainty  that he will indeed handle it just right..
In two days,11.11.11, we have a veteran's  holiday coming up as we slip into the more popular Thanksgiving and Christmas season. As we enjoy our upcoming holidays, there will be a hero far  from home who will not be sitting around a table of festive food enjoying his or her family and friends. He will be in some foreign country or sitting in some dusty combat area, being shot at, ambushed , waiting for the next IED explosion and wondering if seeing his family again is even a possibility.

Before 9-11, many of us took a lot of things for granted. We were naïve in believing we were safe. Things changed radically that day and we no longer live with such child-like innocence about our country and our safety. All it takes is one trip to Arlington Cemetery or to the Vietnam War Memorial to recognize the degree of sacrifice our troops make to keep us safe. Regardless, of your political persuasions about the troop deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, the soldiers there serve because they are asked to do so. Many have their lives totally changed by their injuries and can never go back to living their lives in the same manner. War changes lives both physically and emotionally.


Navy Seals are favorite characters in romance novels.

I have been involved with troop support for ten years and it is heartening to become pen pals with a lonely soldier or to send something that will make his/her life easier while serving our country. Something as simple as crystal lite to make the water better tasting, duck tape, sewing kits, phone cards, and paperback books can make life much better for a soldier. But a letter on a regular basis gives them personal interaction from home they may lack.

If you’d like to connect with a soldier go to . Another organization called Kitchen Table Gang, provides veterans and troops abroad with personalized parcels containing everything from candy to board games. Get a service member’s address from KTG, bundle up the items with a note of thanks, and send them off. For more information go to There’s also a site run by Ellen Keegan, a retired school teacher who sends books to troops.

In a recent, there are 11 ways to help veterans on 11.11.11 with sites listed. One of the most publicized in recent months is, but this site also lets you know of things that you can do like cutting coupons or offering a vet a ride.


I hope you can find it in your heart to support our live military heroes. What's your hero like? What are the qualities you admire?


Anonymous said...

No one knows better than I about the sacrifice a soldier makes. I have two brothers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Thanks for the great article.
Jane P.

Ruby Johnson said...

Thanks for your comment. We need to do everything we can for our soldiers in combat in foreign lands. But we also need to help wounded warriers who put their life on the line and came home with wounds many of us can't even imagine living with.

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