Sunday, April 24, 2011

Scenes of Easter Memories

photo by amanecer
by Ruby Johnson
As a child I associated Easter with spring and as a time of renewal. Our family always attended sun rise service at a lake near our home. The morning  was filled with a moist cold air. This was the first time to wear our white patent leather shoes, spring dresses and  little straw hats. Shivering we would stand for what seemed like hours waiting for the sun to rise.

photo by Thorsten Path

Then it was on to church where we took spring flowers to attach to the cross.

Some Easters were early and we were lucky if we even had a daffodil to take to the church. It was the end of lent.

photo by Thorsten Path

At our house, we never gave up meat on Friday as some of our friends did during lent. We were told to do a good deed for someone.  That would be more Christ like. Well that was much harder to do than giving up meat.

Photo by Thorsten Path
Easter egg hunts were always fun and there was always the coveted prize egg to find.
Of course, the eggs were sometimes cracked from dropping, unlike the plastic eggs  today filled with goodies.And invariably, one egg would be undercooked.
But the fun was in locating the eggs which were really well hidden.

photo by Anne Johnson
This was also the time of birth for calves, chicks, pigs, foals and fillies,and the sprouting of seeds we'd planted. It was indeed a time of renewal  as we watched  plants, trees, and shrubs which shed their leaves in the fall come back with their flowers and sweet scents. It taught us that every form of life is a renewal process and was the greatest lesson as a child on Jesus dying.

I'm not sure I understood what adults meant when they talked about our souls but I distinctly remember thinking as a child at  my granddad's funeral that he was only asleep and maybe he would rise again like Jesus. My granddad died during Easter week.

Do you have Easter memories?
photo by Anne Johnson


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and nice memories.Those children are precious.

Ruby Johnson said...

Thanks Lena.
The pictures were taken by my son-in-law and my daughter. Those beautiful kids are my grandchildren.

George said...

Nice thoughts, nice pictures, and beautiful grandchildren. I'll bet they're proud of your recent success with your novel. Congratulations.

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