Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Wednesday Around The Web

9 Ways to Find the Time to Write

You know what I’m talking about.

The number of hours a writer can waste on the Internet would make even the most hardened geek’s blood run cold.

Here’s my #1 tip to getting work done, the one that carves out time in my schedule every blessed day so my clients don’t gang up on me and appear at my door waving fistfuls of precious manuscript in righteous indignation over their heads.

You know that little doohicky with the floppy ears that plugs the blogosphere, Facegook, and Twitter into your computer like a cable plugging the Matrix into the back of your neck?

Reach right over and yank that sucker out.

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Video From Writers League of Texas Workshop- Kirkus media Reviews.


Sara Thompson said...

I always give myself a off the internet deadline and it's the hardest one to keep. Terrible, terrible habit.

Ruby Johnson said...

You're right. Before you know it you've spent two hours just blog hopping and answering emails. Setting a deadline is a great idea.

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