Friday, September 10, 2010

Michele Miles on World Building Coming Monday

Michele Miles

Have you ever wondered how authors come up with worlds for their characters?
Michelle Miles writes in several genres but finds she enjoys creating other worlds best of all. On Monday, she will share her ideas on effective world-building.
 With a hectic full time job, a son and a fiance, she finds time to write late at night. She began her writing career in serialized fiction before breaking into e-publishing with her first contemporary novella. She is a PRO member of Romance Writers of America, as well as President of her local chapter, Yellow Rose Romance Writers, and is a native Texan residing in suburban Fort Worth.

Michelle Miles began writing long ago in junior high when she and her then-best friend wrote and illustrated their own Indiana Jones comic books. Star Trek fan-fiction quickly followed, as did Star Wars. Later, she dabbled in her own science fiction stories and historical fiction - princesses, towers, and handsome princes! Michelle finally found her footing on contemporary ground with her first novella. A time travel series followed along with three more contemporaries.

When she’s not writing, Michelle is an avid hockey fan, a coffee drinker,and a shoe fanatic.

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