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So you want to write with Greater Fort Worth Writers? Terrific, because we want to publish you. The whole point of this site, is to create conversations about the writer's life, craft, books, stories (real and imagined) and the publishing world. If you'd like to do an author interview, showcase your writing or if you’ve thought it, felt it, worried about it, wanted it, cried over it, laughed at it, then surely that’s a blog post we'd like.
Here’s what to do:

1. Write the post and email it to me, OR

2. Write the post, put it on your blog and email me the link, OR

3. Send me an email outlining the post your want to write. It will be good practice for those of you who have aspirations in that direction.

Here’s the email address you should use: rubypjohnson@gmail.com

And now for some Guidelines:

1. Length: 500-1000 words. This is a guide so write it as long as you want and if it's longer we'll spread it out over a couple of days.

Leave it to us, we'll suggest either adding or deleting. For instance, if it's a blog about your other career that might help writers who want to use the career for their character, we can do a few weekly posts.

If you want to participate in First on Friday, send in your  first chapter,  the name of the book, any review comments, an author bio and pictures of your book and yourself,  your blog or website addresses so that we link our readers to them.

2. Be Patient: We will try to get back to you as quickly as possible about publishing your post.  We’ll let you know the date you can expect to see your post.

3. Once your post has appeared on As We Were Saying, we expect you to check it frequently for comments and REPLY, REPLY, REPLY. The conversation we want can only exist if you talk back to your readers, acknowledge them and engage them. And visit their blogs as well; it’s just good manners.

4. Any and all suggestions to improve our blog are welcome.

Permissions Policy

Without our permission:
You are free to do the following:
  • Link to this site or any specific post on the site.
  • Re-post less than 250 words provided you link back to the original post.
  • Print GFWW members posts in any non-commercial publication provided you include this copyright notice ((c) 2011, GFW Writers. All rights reserved. Originally published at http://kfwwriters.blogspot.com/).
Not Without Our Permission:
You must have GFWW written consent to do any of the following.
  • Re-post an entire post appearing on this blog anywhere else on the internet.
  • Use of the blog posts  for commercial purposes including print and digital versions of the content.
  • Alter, transform, or use any post  to write another article.
Guest Posts:
Guest bloggers retain all copyrights to their posts. The above guidelines do not apply.  If you want to use a guest's work,  contact them and directly ask for  permission to use  their work.

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