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Do you believe in Santa Claus? Every year there's someone  talking about the subject  of whether or not there is a Santa. The following is a dialogue on the subject recorded by JA Bennett early in the morning before breakfast. As a writer I appreciate how this dialogue moves the story. Welcome back JA Bennett.

"Oh, Erinn. Don't forget, we have to mail our letters today."

"Did you finish yours already? I'm not done. Besides, it doesn't really matter."

"What do you mean?"

"The mailman won't really deliver it. He prolly just puts `em in the paper recycle bin."

"Why would he do that for? Look, I wrote it on the envelope. To Santa Claus, The North Pole. That's the address. He has to deliver it."

"Where would he take it to? Santa doesn't really live at the North Pole Aidan. Only polar bears live there."

"Yes he does. I saw it on a movie."

"Movies are just pretend. They aren't really real. Besides, there's no such thing as Santa."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Parents just say that to trick their kids."

"What? That's not true. There is too such a thing as Santa. He's a real person. He brings the presents on Christmas."

"Aidan, that's just what parents tell little kids. Santa is not really real. Mom and Dad and Grandma buy our presents and put them under the tree while we are sleeping."

"Nuh uh. How do you know that? Did you see them do that?"

"Well no. But everyone knows that's how it works."

"That's not true. Santa brings the presents."

"Nuh uh. Besides, it doesn't even make sense. How could Santa deliver all those presents in one night?"

"He has magic reindeers. And plus, he doesn't have to bring presents to the Indians or animals."

"What? Why wouldn't the Indians get presents? That doesn't make any sense."

"Does too. Indians aren't kids that's why. Santa only brings presents to kids."

"That doesn't make any sense. Indians can have kids too."

"Nuh uh. Kids can't use real bows and arrows, so kids can't really be Indians."

"Well I guess that's true. But still, there's no such thing as Santa."

"Is too."

"Aidan, how could Santa even live in the North Pole? Its really cold and icy there and there's no grocery stores. How would he eat?"

"He has food delivered. Plus he eats a lot of cookies and milk. Santa likes cookies and milk."

"No, the parents eat the cookies and milk to trick the kids and make them THINK that Santa did it."

"Nuh uh, Santa eats it with his elves."

"Besides, how could he live with all those elves? How would he take a shower or go to the bathroom in all that snow?"

"The polar bears eat it."

"Eat it? The polar bears eat the poop?
"You said `polar bears eat poop!'"

"Nuh uh! That's what you said!"

"Poop! Polar bear poop!"

"You're so weird. Mom! Aidan's being gross."

"Look. I asked for a Donald Duck toy. See, I drew a picture for Santa so he won't get confused."

"There's no such thing as Santa. Mom's gonna buy that for you."

"Nuh uh. Santa's gonna bring it to me. I've been super good. I don't think he's going to bring you anything though, sorry Erinn."

"Hey! Besides, Mom does all the Christmas stuff, not Santa. Mom will buy me a present.

"Nuh uh."

"Mom, you do all the Christmas stuff, like buying the presents and wrapping them, right?

"Eat your breakfast, it's almost time to go to school."

"But you do, don't you Mom? You do all the Christmas stuff, right?"

"What? Are you saying I look like an old man with a white beard?"

"No! That's not what I mean. Moooommm!"

"Told ya."

JA studies creative writing at UNT and is a full time mom of four. After spending 15 years in the Human Resources field she realized that life was too short to ignore what she'd always wanted to do, so after finishing school for the second time around she hopes to teach English as well as pursue a home for her own stories and novels. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading and, of course, writing.
J.A. writes contemporary women's fiction. She contributed Garage Sale Find to our blog earlier in the year. Visit her blog:


Thorne said...

Jennifer: Thanks for posting such a delightful scene. Nothing but dialogue but it shows how you move the dialogue along.

Laine said...

There's not a mom alive who can't identify with this early morning conversation. Great Job!

Ruby Johnson said...

Thanks for sharing. I love how the dialogue just moves right along. One sentence makes you want to read the next.
Hope Santa brings you lots of presents!

Anonymous said...

What? Mom buys the presents? No way! Santa leaves his footprint in the fireplace ashes and eats my cookies. Then he leaves me presents in my stocking because I've been good.

Caroline Clemmons said...

That was so cute. I loved having small kids who believed in Santa. Christmas was so much more fun then. Treasure them while you can!

J. A. Bennett said...

Thanks guys for all the great comments! Kids are so hilarious to listen too sometimes and though I tweeked abit, the majority of this comedy came directly from them :)

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!

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