Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Memories with Kimberly Packard

This week our Greater Ft Worth Writer members are sharing their favorite memories of Thanksgiving. Today is debut author Kimberly Packard, whose first novel releases today: PHOENIX, from GoodMedia Press. She is Vice President of GFW Writers and VP of Communications at North Texas Commission.
Welcome, Kim!

What is your favorite childhood memory about Thanksgiving?
Actually, it's not so much a family-related memory as it is of my high school friends. We all ate Thanksgiving at lunch, so mid-afternoon we'd meet in this open field to play what began as touch football, but usually ended up as tackle - with the girls being the aggressors. Yeah, girls kick butt.

Do you and your family/friends cook the traditional Thanksgiving turkey, or do they do something different?
We usually do the traditional thing, but rather than cook a turkey my dad would get a fried turkey from a friend of his (did you know that you can't deep fry a frozen turkey? it will explode).

What’s your favorite thing about Thanksgiving and/or Autumn?
There's a smell in the air that is completely unique to Autumn. It's a clean, crisp smell that is filled with a little bit of smoke and spice. It's quieter at Autumn -- I walk the trails in the woods near our house and there's this lovely hush that blankets everything ... that is until my dog starts barking at the squirrels.

What will you be doing for Thanksgiving this year?
Going to my sister's house where we will have a 3 adults per twin ratio ... and sadly we'll still be outnumbered.

Last, and most importantly, please share one of your favorite or memorable recipes for Thanksgiving!
Waiting in line at the Honey baked Ham store in the cold reminds me of camping out for Pearl Jam tickets in the 90s. :-)

Find Kimberly Packard on Facebook: Facebook/Kimberly Packard Walton
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Information on her debut novel is available here.
Thanks so much for sharing, Kim!
Come by throughout the week and read more favorite Thanksgiving memories of our members!

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Caroline Clemmons said...

Kimberly, I love honey-baked ham, but we're having turkey breast. There will be only three of us, and our daughter is vegetarian, so how much turkey do we need? Hope your Thanksgiving is lovely. Wishing you the best of success with your novel!

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