Monday, July 9, 2012

Jump Into the Deep End of Writing

I love the water, and going back to my springboard diving roots, not only do I jump in the deep end with gusto, I do it head-first.
I realized I did the same thing with writing.
I had no clue how to write when I started. I had a story in my head and I got it down on paper. Looking back on that first manuscript (that I never finished back when I was in my teens), the style and voice was that of a middle schooler.
And my next manuscript that I started in my early 20’s wasn’t much better. You’d think I’d have a better learning curve, or I’d at least learn not to throw myself off the high dive. Go off the smaller board first with a few short stories or articles, or even a blog.
But deep-end diving is what I do. Three ‘adult’ manuscripts later, and I’m still learning. Still wading around in the deep end, but I feel I’ve improved a lot. Even met some really cool people along the way that loves the deep end like me.
I’ve written a few short stories over the last two years, and it’s a different style of writing all together, but its good practice. As is my blog. Need to get the creative juices flowing with things like this.
But I’ll always love the high dive.

Susie Sheehey is president of Greater Fort Worth Writers and is in her second term. She writes women's contemporary and romances and has completed two novels in the past year. The wife of her best friend and the mother of a 2 1/2-year-old son who loves to push his mother's buttons keeps her busy, but she still manages to write.She had several long and educational years of sales experience , primarily in the healthcare field and now works in the realm of Domestic Goddess, or CEO of her home and hearth.
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Thorne Anderson said...

Completing two novels in one year is really jumping into the deep end. Maybe your next post should be on time management. You obviously have a lot of self descipline. Congratulations!

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