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GFW Writers Round Robin Day 3


Here's the next installment of "A Delicious Dalliance," this section written by GFW Writer member Chrissy Szarek.
As readers, your critique and suggestions for each posting are vital to the writers and for making this fun and a success.


Lacey linked her arm around Seven's. "I'm so glad I spotted you. Now I won't have to walk to Chauncey's alone!"

A Delicious Dalliance, continued...

He saw her. He actually saw her
Her heart galloped and stomach plummeted, but Seven let her friend drag her away from the restaurant.
Lacey’s chatter was almost nonsensical in her ear as they walked. Seven was in a daze, Alex the only thing on her mind.
He was here? A chef at a posh restaurant? How long had he been here? Did he think about her as much as she thought about him? Or at all? It was ridiculous, really.
His cologne was the same as it had been that night. His gorgeous face and muscled physique no different. Even from a distance, she still wanted him.
Alex didn’t fight to come to her, didn’t leave the side of that woman. His eyes wide with shock, he went back into his place with little protest. No shouting for her.
Then mixed with now and she could see him staring at her with those dark eyes. Memories flitted like a movie, taking over her thoughts. No, she didn’t want to go over this again. The moment at work had been enough.
Seven wanted to put him out of her mind, her thoughts… her heart?

Her friend tugged on her arm. She met Lacey’s hazel eyes. Her co-worker’s brow was furrowed.
“Did you hear a word I said?”
Heat rushed her cheeks and it took all she had not to look away. They stopped walking and Lacey’s expression went from irritated to concerned.
“Are things that bad with Brad?”
Huh? Oh, Brad. Her boyfriend. The man who should be occupying her thoughts, not a man whose encounter was too short to even categorize him as an “old flame.”
Brad. So different from Alex. Light, where Alex was dark, shorter where Alex was tall. Blue eyes instead of deep pools of midnight. Boring, predictable, where Alex was not. He was a banker, for God’s sake.
Brad, the man she loved? Why was that a question? Why was she unsure after knowing him for five years, being with him for three, about how she felt about him? Why had it changed? The answer was a whisper in the back of her mind. Alex.
“Sev? Are you with me at all?”
Seven swallowed hard and forced a smile. “Yes. Sorry. Things with Brad could be better.” Maybe hedging would shut Lacey up for now.
Lacey smiled, it was slow and teasing. “Could that have something to do with the man outside of the restaurant?” She quirked an eyebrow.
“Don’t be ridiculous.”
“You were staring at him.”
“I was not.” The denial was even pathetic as it hit Seven’s ears. Her cheeks were even hotter.
“Do you know him?”
“No.” Lacey studied her like she was under a microscope. Seven cleared her throat. “I need that drink now.” Or five.
Her friend gave her a long look and then sighed over dramatically. “You’re not gonna tell me?”
“There’s nothing to tell.”
“Yeah right.”
“Let’s go to Chauncey’s, all right?”
“This isn’t over, Sev.” Boy, was it ever. Alex, the conversation, everything. It had to be.
Chauncey’s was saturated with noise and smoke, neither were all that appealing to Seven. They located their co-workers and slid into the oversized booth, exchanging greetings and smiles.
Right before she ordered that much needed drink, her iPhone chirped. She disregarded the text message from Brad. She would talk to him later…or tomorrow.
Becca headed to the bar for refills and offered to get Seven something, thank God. Lacey and Andi were tying to involve her with their men-gazing when her ring tone, not text alert, caught her attention.
She tamped down her irritation at Brad’s obvious impatience. He couldn’t even leave her alone for an hour?
She frowned as she looked down at the screen. The number didn’t register with her. She slid her thumb across the display and placed the device to her ear.
“Seven?” Her stomach flipped. Alex.
To be continued...

Thanks, Chrissy! Alright, readers... let us know what you think. Up next is George Talbot. The next section will be posted on Thursday, Feb 16th.


Jeff Bacot said...

So he DID see her? Men are so sly, aren't they? ;-) I like the new characters additions. Good stuff, Chrissy. Lots of places for George to go...look forward to it.

Ladson D. said...

Not sure she could smell his cologne from 50 feet unless it was mighty powerful. I think I'd say she could still smell it in her mind.

C. A. Szarek said...

Thanx Jeff. Ladson, I was following the previous segment on that one, it was mentioned there. But thanx!

J.A. Bennett said...

Great job Chrissy! Can't wait to see what happens next :)

George said...

Nice job Ms. Szarek -- hope I can keep up with everyone's momentum and tension.

J.A. -- Don't even bother to read the next installment. It's the classic Seven gets killed by a runaway fire engine, Alex becomes a cloistered monk baking bread, and Lacey goes transgender.

Jeff Bacot said...

LMAO. George, if you can get all that in less than 1,000 words...YOU WIN! Funny stuff.

Ruby Johnson said...

Uh Oh, I see vampires and ghosts coming. Has there been a story about a transgender vampire or ghost?

C. A. Szarek said...

LOL George, I am sure you will go fine, as long as you don't come thru with any of your "threats" NO aliens, either, okay?

I dunno Ruby, I've always appreciated a good vampire. ;)

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