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First On Friday: Laura Spinella Shares Beautiful Disaster

Welcome back Laura Spinella who's sharing an excerpt of her debut novel Beautiful Disaster. Like this post? Leave a comment after you've finished reading.

About Laura...
Beautiful Disaster is Laura Spinella’s debut novel from Berkley, 2011 and was recently chosen as Best First Book in the NJRWA prestigious Golden Leaf contest. Spinella, a Long Island native attended the University of Georgia, where she acquired a degree in journalism and her honorary Southern roots. In addition to writing Beautiful Disaster she freelances for New England’s GateHouse Media and works with AuthorBytes, a major designer of author websites and online media. She lives outside Boston with her husband, three children, two dogs and two newly acquired kittens.

Mia Wells's career goals are about to become a reality-but her life-altering moment is interrupted when an unexpected call ushers in her tremulous past, a person who's never left Mia's memory: Flynn, the enigmatic, passionate man whose disappearance broke her heart, has mysteriously resurfaced.

While in college, Mia Wells fell in love with Flynn, a mysterious stranger with a past that might include violence. Flynn and Mia's attraction to one another is instant and magical.  Flynn leaves Mia. Unable to find him, Mia eventually makes a life for herself with another man. Now, 12 years later, Flynn comes back into her life. He's been involved in a serious accident and is in a coma. Mia keeps a vigilant watch over him in the ICU afraid that he will die..Flynn's return ignites an achingly powerful tale about the most enduring love, one that is greater than honor, or friendship, or the passing of time.  With flashbacks that narrate their past, the novel weaves from the past to the present, revealing secrets that lead to the novel's romantic conclusion.

Here’s an excerpt from the start of the powerful love story that erupts between Mia and Flynn. A moment of carefree spontaneity has faded as Mia finds herself alone with Flynn, an enigmatic and virtual stranger.

Flynn reached for a black leather saddle bag. Mia’s breath was on hold, and she sighed louder than she meant when a benign white T-shirt emerged and he slipped it over his head.

"Would you like to search it?" he asked, making contact with her stark eyes, tipping the bag in her direction.

"Search it?"

"Yeah, are we having a language problem again?"

"Language...Oh, I...No, I don't want to search it." Yes, I do, but that would be rude. "Besides, you were a Marine, right? You can probably hurt somebody just as easily with your bare hands." The remark was intended to ease the tension, but his face went dark and distant. With a glare of agitation, far different from the one he'd used with the desk clerk, Flynn came toward her. Mia's breath halted halfway between in and out, making it impossible to speak...or scream. His hands hit with a thud against the knotty paneling on either side of her head. Escaping through a solid wall seemed more likely than getting past him. She was trapped. It appeared the train wreck was imminent. Soft blue eyes turned steely as they met with hers, and she blinked hard at him. But the sound of his voice was quiet and sure.

"I would never ever hurt another human being like that. Know that much." His hands dropped from the wall, and he sulked across the room, picking up his drink. He stood with his back to her, finally speaking over his shoulder. "If you're ready, which I'm sure you are, I'll take you home now."

Mia peeled herself from the wall and tried to speak, but nothing would come. Instead she walked over and lightly pressed her palm to his broad back. His body grew rigid as her hand made contact and his head snapped to attention. "Flynn...I'm sorry about whatever happened to...Well, I'm sorry."

This time the shaky breath was his. As he turned, his fingers reached up and traced the outline of her cheekbone. His hands, they were the opposite of her skin, uncared for and rough. But his touch was gentle, like butterfly wings, and oddly Mia found herself at ease. What is that? In his face, his eyes, something I can see...but don't understand. Something completely removed from her average existence. Mia fought a rush of involuntary tears- relief evidently he wasn't going to kill her, compassion for what she saw in his face. He started to say something. Mia leaned in, poised to listen, but instead found herself drawn into a long, sensuous kiss, and her average existence was over.


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Anonymous said...

Oh, I so love a good romance. Looking forward to the full read.
Thanks for visiting this week. I love this blog.

Ruby Johnson said...

Thanks for providing such a compelling excerpt.I've already purchased the book,read,and enjoyed it.Good luck and please come visit us again, anytime.

Thorne Anderson said...

What a nice excerpt. I have to say I sneaked over to your website for another sneek peek. Great job.
Thorne Anderson

Laura Spinella said...

Thank you so much! I enjoyed visiting with the writers of Fort Worth! And thanks for reading, Ruby! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!!

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