Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Reflections With Ted Rork

We've been asking GFW Writers and guests to share their fondest holiday memories and traditions. This week we have Theodore Rork (Ted). Check out his ideas on Christmas.

If you love Christmas, can you say why?
Christmas to me is like a love lost. It's wonderful while it lasts, but is soon just a memory.

What’s one thing you’d like to get rid of during the holiday season?
 Unwanted gifts, not that I'm ungrateful.

What are your favorite childhood memories of Christmas?
Opening presents when I was a kid.
What’s your idea of a perfect Christmas meal?
 A good ham.

 What’s the best Christmas present you ever received?
A rubber band shooting rifle when I was a kid.

What’s the best Christmas present you ever gave?
A clown cookie jar for my mother when I was eight years old. She kept it full of cookies and seemed to love it.

What are your favorite Christmas movies?
The old English film of “Christmas Carol”.

What’s your favorite Christmas carol?
Silent Night.

What’s your idea of a perfect holiday season?
Standing out in the snow in the Bavarian Alps on Christmas Eve; watching all the people coming down from the hills with lighted candles in their hands and the quietness of the night.
Christmas Cocoa
Hot Chocolate
Peppermint schnapps (you decide the amount)
or ground up peppermint sticks (1-2 tsp).
Sip and enjoy.
Theodore Rork, known as "Ted" to GFW Writers was born in Atlantic City,N.J. but attended schools in four states before joining the Marines at 18. He served as a flight engineer in Puerta Rica and as an Air/Sea Rescue crewman in Korea. Leaving the Marine Corp he joined the Airforce, spending time in Germany and Greece assigned to a Special Air Mission Squadron. He met the love of his life in Greece and married her in Athens.After leaving the military he worked for the Air Force as a civilian/reservist and graduated from the Philadelphia College of Art with a degree in Design. He then went to work for the Navy where he ran the Air America repair facility in Southern Taiwan. Returning to the US he ran the Production Management Branch for the Navy and also worked for the Air Force in overhauling jets in Greece and Italy. When he retired he received the Air Force Logistics Command Distinguished Federal Civilian Service Award, the highest award given to a civilian. During his military service he served in 17 countries. Ted has completed two novels and is in the process of  heavy revisions.


Anonymous said...

Ted, you have the coolest bio! Its going to look amazing on the back jacket of your book! (written as I sip peppermint cocoa) ~ Jennifer

Ruby Johnson said...

I've only seen the skier scene you describe in the movies. Even then it was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

SusieSheehey said...

Fabulous bio, and your experiences overseas must have been incredible!!

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