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The Ideal Editor
Faith Hunter answers questions about editors and editing in this article.
"I’m curious, though, as to what qualifies an editor to be an expert. There are editors who are writers, and writers who are editors, and there are editors and writers who are *only* editors and writers. So where do editors gain this talent for improving on the work of writers? Is it just practice critiquing?"
First, off, there is a major difference between an edit and a critique. 
A through edit addresses pacing, plot progression, character development, plot and story arcs, the very structure and heart and soul of a novel or story. For the rest of this article go to:

What's Good and Bad In Publishing Contracts
Here's an interesting blog column written by an attorney who specializes in "representing authors and other talent in negotiations and litigation." In each article he will look at a specific publishing contract and comment on five items that are good or bad. Then he makes an overall recommendation.


Three Criteria for a Killer Title
My brain refuses to rest with a good title. It scrambles about until it finds thebest one. That perfect fit. And searching for the best is not easy. Often times, for me, it either comes or it doesn't.

When it comes, what a glorious feeling. But when it doesn't? No fun at all. My brain turns into a stubborn donkey. The harder I push, the more it refuses to budge.

Which is exactly what happened these past couple weeks as my editor and I discussed potential titles for my debut novel. My brain refused to cooperate. Sure, I came up with a few suggestions. And some of those suggestions were okay. But none were great. None really resonated. None fit my idea of a strong title. 

Which for me, involves three criteria:

It has to represent the story. 

For more go to


Marlena Cassidy said...

Thanks for all the links! They all look really helpful and well thought-out, and I can't wait to check them out.

Ruby Johnson said...

Thanks for your comment. There are some really useful articles and I wanted to share them.

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