Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How Kathryn Stockett, author of Best Seller ‘The Help', Inspires New Writers

If you’re not familiar with  Kathryn Stockett's debut novel, you can go to Story Fix and read the deconstruction of the novel by Larry Brooks or get a copy from the library. This story is about a few women in Jacksonville, Missipppi in the early 60's banding together against all odds to tell the stories of the black maids.

 It became a best seller,and has already been made into a film. But, the road to stardom didn't happen over night, as Kathryn Stockett notes in this article in More, the author was turned down by agents and publishers 60 times. Her story should be an inspiration to all new writers who get rejection slips when they are submitting their manuscripts.

For more on this story go to and take a sneak peek at the movie trailer.


Anonymous said...

I recently saw the movie trailer for this and was instantly intrigued. And everyone knows the books are always better than the movies. Guess I found another book to add to my nightstand! Thanks, Ruby!

Anonymous said...

I liked the article. Submitting a manuscript 60 times is called perseverance.

Ruby Johnson said...

Susie and Thomas, thanks for stopping by. Perseverance was the key, but I keep hoping I won't have to submit so many times to get a book published!

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