Monday, July 18, 2011

9 Things I've learned about Being Plugged Into Facebook and Twitter

I have a Twitter address  @rubypjohnson and a Facebook  Page (   but I don't have and haven't aspired to thousands of 'friends'  because I don't yet have a book to promote on an Author Page. So for the time being this works better for me.

1.Home page:

You may find yourself bookmarking your profile page, thus skipping the homepage. There are several reasons a visit to the homepage each day is a must. First, it holds a collaborative news feed of all your friends so you can see what has been going on  recently.Secondly, all friend requests, friend detail requests, event invitations, group invitations, and friend’s birthdays are listed in the right sidebar on the homepage. Unless you have email notifications on (click on account and then notifications to decide what actions send you notifications and what ones don’t), this is the only way you will be notified of these (and for birthday’s the homepage is the *only* way to receive “notification”), so check it or you might  be the only person that didn’t say Happy Birthday on one of your friend’s walls on their big day.

Notes and shares: Notes can happen via one of two methods on Facebook. You can either import your blog or you can hand type them in. If you mention people in your note, you are supposed to tag them. If your note is a question or something you want seen by all your friends, you can tag anyone you want in your friends list and a notification will show on their wall.

2.You may want an Author Page which is mainly a tool for promoting  books and keeping in touch with  readers. Authors sometimes have two pages on face book, one an author page for fans of their books and a "personal profile" for family and personal friends You may want to use a different email address for each page.
3. You can't change your name on facebook. You have to open up another account. Make sure you check the name you want to use. You may find some partially clothed individual has the same first name.


1.To build a following on Twitter from scratch, you need to come up with tweets that are interesting and informative. When you set up your account, people will look at your profile so have something interesting to say in that too, so that viewers will not dismiss you at first glance.
You also need to be active if you intend on getting followers.  Reply to any tweets that interest you. If you get a response from that person and start a conversation, your Twitter link will wind up on their profile page. This could have a snowball effect in turn as their followers could be interested in your content and start to follow you. Always start the whole process by following people you actually know. Generally, people who you follow will return the favour so beginning with friends is a great way to start a following.
After you get started, there are various tools that can help you increase your followers. 
2. Learn about lists. Place people in lists according to their profession etc. Writers, marketers, professionals for ease of navigation. Want to find people in particular professions use the #mark in front of the name of the profession. Learn about @ and shorten web addresses.

3.Tweet meaningful things that show who you are as a writer and person. Don't flood everyone with sales pitches and spam. Despite one person who tweeted S**T my D** Said. Don't expect to get a book or TV series from using profanity. If you're not funny normally, you're not likely to accomplish it on twitter.

Facebook and Twitter:

1. Don't bash your boss, where you work, your ex-wife or husband, mother-in-law or say anything you don't want to come back to haunt you. Posting personal problems are a no-no. No one wants to hear about problems that go on and on that never get resolved. And keep your political, religious and sexual beliefs to yourself or you definitely run the risk of offending someone and losing "friends".

2. Don't friend people if they don't offer something that will benefit you. Recognize spam for what it is. If they can't speak your language on twitter, you don't want to follow back.

3. If you don't have time to post  two or three times a day on facebook and twitter, you won't get the benefit from them that you are seeking.

What has been your experience on Facebook and Twitter? Do you have  ideas to share?

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