Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Ever need something to motivate you to write?

Nike is known for its superbowl commericials that have a moral message. All of the commercials below contain a message that might help you. It takes all of these abilities to be a writer.

Along with making us want to buy their shoes, many Nike ads are very inspirational. It is amazing how a 60 second shoe commercial can motivated us to workout, conquer challenges and face our fears.

Here are  a few of the inspirational television commercials Nike has  produced.


This commercial has to be one of the most inspiring commercials ever! It contains scenes of athletic courage. Gut wrenching scenes of athletes struggling, falling, and failing coupled with chants of "I've got soul but I'm not a soldier", makes this commercial extremely inspirational. As a writer you need courage. You will struggle, you will fail to deliver at times, but  most of all you need the courage to begin.

Some scenes include Lance Armstrong’s cancer treatment and follow-up victory at the Tour de France, Japanese gymnast Miho Shinoda nearly falling on her head during the 1987 Olympics, and Carl Lewis’s impressive display in the 1984 Olympics. The commercial moves us to strive harder and to press on no matter what. The scenes flash quickly and its easy to miss some of what is going on. There are more than 30 clips shown in about 60 seconds. Nike has created a page where you can view all of the athletes featured and read about their acts of courage.

Music: The Killers-“These Things I Have Done"


One of the most memorable commercials featuring Michael Jordan doesn’t even have him playing basketball. Instead, we see the legendary basketball player walking in slow motion towards the locker room before a game while thinking about how many times he has failed.

Seeing one of the most successful athletes of all time listing the number of times he has failed makes us, the audience, feel better about our chances of success. Don't let a rejection of your work  be a reason to give up.
Music: Unknown

Wake Up

If you wake up early in the morning , you’ll appreciate this commercial. It begins with the sound of alarm clocks going off and scenes of athletes rolling out of bed into the darkness of their rooms. It then goes on to show the athletes engaging in their early-morning workouts. While you might not be rolling out to take a run, you could be getting up a little early to write.

I Can, I Can

From the golden age of Nike motivational commercials, this commercial is one of the most inspiring commercials I’ve ever seen. This ad encourages us to believe in ourselves and conquer our fears. It also inspires us to become whatever we want to become.

Music: The Verve- “Bitter Sweet Symphony”


Driving home the message of preparation, this ad titled“Training” spotlights some of the world's best-known athletes as they train for their respective sports. As writers we have to keep learning and improving our craft. Writing over and over and over again! The ad concludes with shots of the victorious athletes reaping the benefits of their hard work..

 To succeed in writing or any other thing in life you have to build a persistent mindset,  focus on the finish line, and continue to practice persistence.  Is it easy? No. But the rewards of persisting, pushing forward, recognizing and jumping the obstacles is far greater than giving up.
If these ideas are helpful, let us know.

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