Sunday, January 16, 2011

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The next three months will be a busy time for agents and publishers. If you want to pitch a book, the following article and website will help you get prepared.

Christine Witthohn, founder of BookCents Literary Agency, pitches her clients' books every day.
Today she shares the basic foundation she uses in her own pitches.

The three things a pitch should always include are:
  1 - genre
 2 - word count
 3 - hook of the book

For the full article go to
I guarantee you won't be disappointed.


Bob Mayer has never been shy about voicing his opinion about change and gives many popular writers workshops. Consider reading his blog on a regular basis.

Predictions for Authors, Publishers and Books for 2011
I was literally cursed at in social media in January of 2010 for my predictions regarding eBooks, agents, publishers and authors. If anything, my predictions didn’t go far enough.

So what do I see ahead in 2011?
A major fiction author breaking from traditional publishing and putting a book out on their own via eBook. David Morrell, who I consider a major author, already did this in 2010, but not many noticed. Seth Godin did it in non-fiction. But when someone big-big splits, it will make traditional publishers tremble. For the rest of the article go to Bob Mayer's Blog.

Want to know more about grammar. Purdue's writing lab has it all.

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