Friday, December 17, 2010

Writers Digest 101 Best Blogs Voting

 Voting For Top 101 Best Websites ends January 1, 2011.

Every year Writers Digest selects 101 of the best websites  for writers.They 've divided their list into nine sections: creativity, writing advice, general resources, jobs and markets, online writing communities,  agents, publishing/marketing resources, genres/niches and just for fun sites.
If you enjoy the posts at our blog, we would appreciate your nomination.
Here's what you need to do:

Send an email to: and in the subject line reference 101 Best Websites.

In the body of the e-mail, type . This is the  address for  our blog As We Were Saying. You may also add any feedback on the site. Voting ends on January 1, 2011. Every vote helps!

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