Monday, July 5, 2010


by Ruby Johnson

I am a former South Carolinian and a descendant of Captain David Allen Price of Revolutionary War fame. Being descendants of those who fought for the independence of this country or immigrants who came to make a new life gives us all some responsibility for preserving their ideals. I think the United States is great because of:
1. The freedom of the power of speech.

2. The freedom to live as I wish.

3 The freedom to choose whatever religion I want to practice.

4. A military who protects our country everyday and assists other countries who ask for help to protect their freedoms.

5. The ability to pursue any career or endeavor I want as long as I'm willing to work for it.

6. The resiliency of Americans experiencing disaster and their willingness to pick themselves up and keep going.

7. The charity, compassion, and missions of Americans who are willing to help their neigbors here or in other countries.

8 The ability to vote even if the leaders we elect are not who we voted for.

9. The right to buy a gun for protection if I want one.

10.The sheer beauty of this country - east, west, north or south.



Anonymous said...

You forgot the food. There is something about celebrating the birth of this country with friends and family enjoying barbecue and fireworks. I think the founders would approve that we can still do it.

Jeff Turner said...

I second the comment on food being someone who likes to cook. Nice, positive piece Ruby.

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