Friday, July 16, 2010

Caroline Clemmons On Monday: How to Engage the Reader with Memorable Secondary Characters

Have you ever read a novel with such engaging secondary characters or side kicks that they just begged for their own story?  What makes them different from the secondary characters whose names you can't remember at the end of the book? If you're writing a series, a memorable secondary character is important. Caroline Clemmons will give you some guidelines on creating  secondary characters on Monday's blog. Be sure and stop by for a chance to win one of her books.

 A Little About Caroline In Her Own Words:
As long as I can remember, I've made up adventures. Okay, I admit the early creative stories featured me riding the range with Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and saving the West. What a disappointment to learn that Roy was exclusively committed to Dale! Eventually, my best friend from across the street and I decided to become better detectives than Nancy Drew. We drove our parents and neighbors crazy sticking our pert little noses where they didn't belong. About that time I started writing down my adventures, but mostly I was a reader. Not until I read Nora Roberts' early novels did I decide to create my own romance manuscripts. My road to publishing was a lot slower than Nora's was. No surprise there! I still read Nora's books—as well as those of countless other authors—but now I write full time. That is, unless life interferes.

  My Hero and I live one a small acreage in the ranching and horse country of North Central Texas. Our two daughters are grown, and supportive of my writing. Living with Hero and me now are Webster, our sweet black Shih Tzu, and our two shorthaired cats: Sebastian, a black and white tuxedo who thinks he's our watchcat; and Bailey Erin, a shy apricot tabby. When I'm not writing, I love spending time with family, reading, traveling with Hero, browsing antique malls, and digging into family history and genealogy. Writing about strong heroes and heroines who overcome amazing obstacles to forge a meaningful life together is my passion.

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