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The New Decade: Innovative Marketing Techniques Sell Books

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Our guest blogger today is Jo-Anne Vandermeulen a native of  British Columbia. Jo-Anne is an author and a marketing professional.

*The New Decade: Innovative Marketing Techniques* will dictate which producer will meet their ultimate goal and sell their products. For you to *conquer all obstacles* you will need to:

1.) Accept the changes in today’s marketing cyber-world.
2.) Understand today’s consumer. Consider your target audience. Today’s consumer is:
Able to search for valuable free information on the Internet.
Wanting a product they can get NOW!
•Willing to purchase from someone they trust.
•Appreciative when given one-to-one or individual attention.
•Searching for quick, simple and informative content.
•Scanning your competition for credibility.

3.) Meet the consumer’s expectations:
•Produce Unique Content – Innovation is the Key
•Change the Traditional Marketing Messages to Meet the Consumer’s Needs and Wants of Today
•Build Relationships.
•For Accessibility, Provide Direct and Personal Contact.
•Produce Articles and Short, Snappy and Simple to Understand Posts.
•It’s Time for You to ‘Toot Your Own Horn’ and Hold Nothing Back.

The New Decade: Innovative Marketing Techniques:
•Produce Unique Content – Innovation is the Key
Think of something new and share it immediately. What’s new today is probably going to be old tomorrow.

Change your presentation in a way that’s different from everyone else’s.
•Change the Traditional Marketing Messages to Meet the Consumer’s Needs and Wants of Today
Have visible and functioning links that operate with a single click to exactly where they want to go.

Build Relationships
Interact through social media sites.
Give away free content from your blog.
Give, give, and then give some more.

Allow yourself to open-up and let your personality shine through. Show you are real. Toss in a fault or problem of your own…no one is an expert at everything.
For Accessibility, Provide Direct and Personal Contact

Supplying a link to your site as part of your signature will reassure the consumer that you’re not going anywhere—if they need you, they can find you. You are here to help them.

On your site, present a tag or message at the top for them to single click and contact you immediately.

Produce articles and short, snappy, simple to understand posts .
.Produce messages on Twitter.
Consider different learning styles and be prepared to present the same content in a variety of ways.

It’s Time for You to ‘Toot Your Own Horn’ and Hold Nothing Back
Now is not the time to be humble—show you’re an expert.

Welcome to the new decade: Innovative marketing techniques will increase the chances of selling your books.
Not to say that traditional marketing techniques will not work today; but, the reality is, in order for you to *conquer all obstacles* you must be willing to make some major promotional changes when it comes to selling your book. In this new decade, it’s time to accept the changes, understand the consumer, and know that it is the innovative marketing techniques that will out-shine the others and have greater chances of success.


Author Jo-Anne Vandermeulen is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in Education and  a major in English Literature . She was a teacher for twenty years in the Moosomin School Division. In 2006, she embarked on a full time writing career. 
Jo-Anne produces and hosts a live weekly Blog Talk Radio (BTR) show, “Authors Articulating,” where she shares marketing and promotional tips with other writers and answers questions from her extensive and ever-growing list of followers. She is an owner of Premium Promotional Services, a company that supports and markets fellow writers. www.premiumpromotions.biz

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I'm interested in seeing what you have to say. As a published author whose work goes into the eIndustry, I'm active with online communities. I'm also always looking for new ideas to stay fresh in the market.

This looks great.


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